Tuesday, June 21, 2011

barefoot sandles

ok so i have now started to make beautiful barefoot sandles.  I have no clue how to price these babies, seams how they are something new this year so i priced them between everyone else which ranges from 24.00 to 50.00 so i priced mine at 37.99 whaat does everyone think of that, can you think of any way for me to better this product also?


  1. The one thing I would advise for you is to make sure you use a strong wire. I paid about $50.00 for one of these some time ago and it broke so easily and I was highly disappointed. NOT ONE OF YOURS... for the record.... but another artisan. I love the colors of this one you've made. I'll save my pennies and be purchasing one for sure.

    Do you also do ankle bracelets in turquiose and reds like this one above. Beautiful. Best of luck with your sales.

  2. Thank you so much for the email tammy. As you can see it helped lol. thank you for the lovely comment as well, and I do make everyone one of my products with wire, with the exeption of my dollar bin. those products (simple single string seed bead necklaces, bracelets and whatnot. for those I use fishing line with a 25 ib test on it and good quality crimp beads or tubes. I will actually do a blog on crimp beads soon, I actually had a very good store I use to buy from and I kept having so many issues with crimp beads and one of there employees filled me in on choosing the right kind of crimp bead for the job, I would love to share what she taught me with everyone else!