Thursday, June 23, 2011

up and comming blog series (trouble shooting jewelry making issues)

so one of the most frustrating things any designer can go through is working so hard on a piece, going to attach the clasps and your crimp bead cuts your wire, you don't have enough room, or you keep breaking your crimp bead over and over, you just get frustrated so you give up on the piece all disgusted.
  well I will be hitting on the topic of choosing the right crimp bead for the job as well as choosing the right clasp for the job, Anything else anyone wants to know let me know along the way so I can give the best info possible.


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to your tips. I've crushed many a crimp bead. Ugh! What a pain.

  2. ok well ill be starting soon honey, sorry im in the middle of moving homes and getting settled in but i will have many more briliant ideas and salutions to come!