Sunday, June 12, 2011

Selling your jewelry

  One of the things I have learned over the last two years is that, when you first get into the jewelry making buisness you will spend your days making product, I at the time wanted to see my jewelry on people and in galories badly enough I would sell for rock bottom price, I would NEVER pay myself for my time. DON'T make this mistake. Don't under price your jewelry you will burn yourself out within a very short amount of time.
  Your Best bet is to make your jewelry and build inventory give yourself a 3 month period where you say to yourself I will design March, April, and May. Then in June I will start advertising and selling at fairs, bazaars and other revanues this will give you time to put together a sales plan and get everything organized as well as help you build inventory. ( some may even need six months to do this)
  Make sure you have many revanues of sale I have Etsy, Fairs, selling to Galories, My own website, reps in two states and a third comming next month. (goal is one in each state by december 2012) I even during the christmas and holliday season consign at many shops in differnt citys. I wouldnt recomend this to every person due to the fact that you have to always tack on that 20 to 30% of the sales that the shop owner will want out of you. This makes it harder to sell your jewelry or you have to lower what you want out of your jewelry which in the end you lose money. Just dont try and make it your only revanue.
 last you will want a good  system to keep track of  which peice is going where. There is nothing worse then accedently taking a few pieces to fair with you, selling them then getting home and realizing OH CRAP! I had those listed on Etsy and they have been sold, if your lucky you will have all the same materials to throw it together on a moments notice and get it packaged, But honestly That sucks! just make sure you have a good system down for organizing your products and sales.

Happy beading to all I hope this helps.......    visit the jewelry site at  or become a member of the Gypsy bead community, (this is just getting started so please  feel honored if you are one of the first to join,

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